Thinking of selling your house by yourself? (FSBO)

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I admire that! People try to sell their homes themselves for many reasons. One of the main reasons is to try and save on commissions. Another reason is they might have had a bad experience with a previous real estate agent and fell they can do better. Any reason you have may be valid. I'm not going to guess why you want to sell by yourself, but more power to you! AND... I would like to help you! I recently put together a book for you The For Sale By Owner Guide. It's filled with tips and tricks from a professional real estate agent to help you, and guide you, through the process of selling your home by yourself.

Why am I giving away the these home selling secrets for free? Because my business model has always been to help and educate home buyers and sellers. I love sharing my knowledge with others, especially when it come to real estate. And my clients love and appreciate it too!

But, I may have an 'ulterior motive' to offering you my book for free.

There are a couple things I know about trying to sell your home yourself:

  • I know that trying to sell your home by yourself can be a major hassle... one that you may, or may not, be prepared for. Home preparation, pricing research, professional pictures, marketing your home, paperwork and legal documents, open houses, scheduling showings, vetting potential buyers, dealing with bargain hunters, inspections etc...

  • I also know that on the average, when a house is sold by a real estate agent, the owner gets a better price, and nets more, than the person who tried to sell it by themselves.

  • The last thing I know is many people who try to sell their home themselves, eventually hire a REALTOR® to sell their home.... AND... I would love to be that REALTOR®!

Of course, if you continue the path of selling your home yourself, my book, The For Sale By Owner Guide is yours to keep and use! (If you would like a hard copy paperback version, just let me know!)

Feel free to recommend me to others you may know who don't feel the

For Sale By Owner route is for them! Thank you!