Q: Can you help me with buying a home in New Jersey

A: Yes I can! I work with buyers on a daily basis helping them find the right place to call home.

Q: Can you help me with selling a home in New Jersey

A: Yes I can! I love working with sellers helping them maximize the value in their home to get them the best Net return on their home.

Q: Do I really need an agent to sell my home?

A: You can sell your home yourself (there are many for sale by owners homes for sale) But do you really want to? A seller's agent (me) takes much of the hassle off your hands. We take all the calls, schedule all the showings and open houses (with your approval and input). We call and verify that the potential buyer is indeed in good financial standing to purchase your home. We set up photographers to take professional pictures, set up stagers if your house needs it. We can get contractors in to get estimates for any repairs or upgrades you might need. We list your house on the Multiple Listing Service so other agents looking for homes for their clients find your home. (We at NextHome also send your home to our NLD program. The National Listings Distribution program provides your listing more online exposure than any other real estate company. Your listing will be sent to hundreds of national websites including the top websites where consumers are searching: Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Homes.com & Yahoo.com)

We also negotiate the contract for (and with you), and bring up what (if any) pitfalls there might be. There is a lot going on in selling your home. As a professional full time agent and REALTOR®, real estate is all I do. I help you navigate the whole process. Selling and moving is stressful enough, you don't need to add more stress by trying to sell your home yourself.

Q: I'm a buyer and looking for a house, how much is your service for me?

A: As your buyer's representative (me helping you find and buy a home), requires us to have an 'exclusive buyer's agreement' in place. This agreement can be canceled anytime with notice to both parties. It establishes you as my 'client', not just a 'customer'. All fees are negotiable, and we can discuss this further if and when we decide to work together.

Q: I'm not ready to buy yet, but would like to find a place to rent, can you help me with that?

A: Another Yes! (Don't you love hearing 'Yes'?) There are many single family home rentals, along with multi family rentals on the MLS that I have access to, and I will be able to show them to you. (There is a 'fee' for this (usually one month's rent) paid by the renter) Often times there are credit reports we need to run as per the landlords request. I will help you navigate that.

Q: I'm thinking of moving out of state, can you help me find a good agent?

A: Yes, of course I can! I have a network of great agents all over the United States that I can introduce you to. I will keep in contact with them and you throughout the process to make sure everything goes as smooth as can be.

Q: Can you help me with investment properties?

A: Once again... another YES! I can help you with 1-4 family dwellings. If you are a homebuyer, one of the best ways to buy (and invest in real estate) is to purchase a multi-unit property. You live in one unit, and rent out the other units. The other units help you pay your mortgage through the rent they pay you. You could possibly be living in your home, mortgage/rent free! (And building equity!) It's a total win for you! I can help you find the perfect multi unit property!

Q: I'm thinking of 'flipping' a property, can you find me a fixer upper?

A: Oh my.... another YES! Flipping properties has become 'a thing to do' because of the many TV shows showing how 'easy and profitable' it is. (Please be forewarned.. it is NOT as easy as they show on the shows... but, if you can do a lot of the work yourself, it can be profitable.) The best equity is sweat equity.. you doing much of the work yourself. If you hire out jobs to other people, your profit might be less, but the time it takes to fix it up, might be faster. Time is still money! So, that being said, there are many houses that need some (or a lot!) of work or TLC. I can help you find and buy the right 'fixer upper' to flip, and help you sell or rent it out, when it's ready.

Q: My credit is not that great, what can I do?

A:There are many programs out there to help improve your credit score. There are also some tips and tricks that help increase your credit score. I'm not a credit repair expert or professional, but I can get you in contact with some to help you improve your score. It does usually take some time, so it's alway good to start sooner than later, so your credit score is ready when you are. A better score usually helps you get a better loan interest rate.

Q: My question isn't here, can I contact you with my question?

A: Can you believe, another emphatic YES! I would love to answer any questions you may have. The best way to reach me is by text (or calling). My direct cell number is 973-666-0365 (super easy to remember, 973, a common NJ exchange, 666, well, I'll leave that up to you, and 0365, for real estate (0)365 days a year! You can also email me at: thinkofpatrick@gmail.com You can always use the "Get in touch' contact form below also. (But in all honesty, texting or calling is better!)