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When selling your home, you need to present it in the best light.

Clean and de-clutter. I'll say it again... Clean and de-clutter!

You sort of need to make it look un-lived in!

Clear off counters and tables and any flat surface that has accumulated items.

Paint walls a neutral color. Fix holes or defects. Remove personal items such as photos of people.

When taking pictures of your bathroom, clean the sink, tub, and toilet, and keep the toilet seat down! Buy a new shower curtain if yours has seen better days. Clean soap scum in the shower and on the shower doors.

When taking pictures of your kitchen, clear off the counters and tables. You're going for the minimalist look. Close all cabinets and drawers. If your cabinets have glass or see-thru doors, minimize the items inside them.

When taking pictures of your bedrooms, keep your clothing hidden. Make sure all your dresser drawers are closed. Closet doors closed. When taking pics of inside your closets, minimize the items in there to show off the space, and not how much clothing or shoes you have.

Outdoor curb appeal is also important. Mow your lawn. Trim your bushes. Mulch and weed your garden and planting beds. Weed your walkway. Fix any sidewalks if possible.